I'm William Langroudi

Passionate Software and Web Developer.

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a little bit of Will

William Langroudi

Software and Web Developer

Hi I’m William. I’m a Software and Web Developer and I'm obsessed with code.

Every day I have one goal - to write better code than I did yesterday. I’m super creative, passionate, driven and work extremely hard, because I do what I love and love what I do. I absolutely love learning, clean code and solving problems.

Being a developer isn’t ‘just a job’ for me, it‘s my life passion. My biggest dream is to be a top fullstack developer whilst writing creative code for technologies that makes a difference in the world. In February 2018 I moved to UK (being a British Citizen) for the sole purpose of exposing myself to different technologies and ways of doing things. After a year I moved back to Cape Town as the startup scene is booming, and there is a deep need for good developers.

I’m absolutely in love with code, learning, and self-betterment.

Having a creative background, I bring creative UX, design and problem solving to relevant work. I’ve founded and run my own startups (not all mentioned) so have a hollistic view on what it takes to create good business and true value. This gives me a unique edge, experience and discipline.

I've worked with a diverse set of projects, frameworks and stacks. Having a big passion for open source, now finding home in FullStack JavaScript. The company I work with means a lot to me.

I also have a keen passion for Blockchain, Learning, Self Development, Health / Fitness and am a Music Producer.

I'm busy planning my online coding courses and blog to help others learn the magic that code has brought to my life..

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Technical Spread

I’m quite comfortable with


with TypeScript and ES6+.



Apollo, Hooks, Styled Components



Core, Web Api, MVC, LINQ, EF


7 and below


OOP, Laravel MVC


Semantic HTML5, Bootstrap etc


including microservice architecture



NOSQL, MySql, Management Studio

Graphic Design

UI, UX, Digital, Web, Illustrator, Photoshop, PSD, Vector, Art.

Work Experience

My previous associations

February 2019 -


Custom software development company. Crafting web, mobile and enterprise apps with bleeding-edge tech. I was one of 2 Developers builing a management system for international-based PPRO payments processor. I then worked on an internal project streamlining the client application for development proecess. After which, I redeveloped top recent Cape Town Startup UCOOKs frontend Web app.
Intermediate FullStack Developer

Node, GraphQL, React, Apollo, NoSQL, Serverless, Styled Components, AWS, AWS dynamo, AWS cognito, UI

July 2018 -
December 2018


Legal Case Management Application. Rebuilding a public legal case management desktop application as a Web bases SaaS application with leading-edge technology.
Intermediate FullStack Developer

.NET Core, Angular6, JavaScript, TypeScript, ADO, Microsoft SQL Server, REST, Web API, Microservices, TSQL, Scrum, TFS, HTML, CSS

July 2016 -

Various private projects

FullStack web apps, Custom CMS’s, Rest Services to Cryptocurrency apps.
Software and Web Developer

JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, .NET, .NET Core Angular, NodeJS, Microsoft SQL Server, Microservices, Bootstrap, REST, Entity Framework, MVC, WEB API, T-SQL, Scrum, TFS, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, UX.

Feb 2018 -
July 2018


Software Consultancy. The Queens Award, Bath Life Awards, Creative Bath Awards Winners for Tech and Innovation.
Software and Web Developer

Javascript, NodeJS, Express, MsSQL, Mongo, TypeScript, HTML, CSS.

Jan 2017 -
Nov 2017

Techsys Digital

Junior Software Engineer and Web Developer

C#, .NET MVC, WEB API, .NET CORE, SQL, JS, Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS. Building a wide variety of Web and Software Applications.

Jan 2016 -
Dec 2016

CityVarsity Work Integrated Learning Development Projects

1 x Distinction, 1 x Distinction Plus

Full stack Web Development. Integrated Learning Projects throughout the year - Developing Dynamic Web Applications for Non Profits.

Dec 2014 -
July 2016


Managing Director and Founder, Wordpress, Php, JS, HTML, CSS Development, Design, Marketing, Support.

Business Directory and Community Platform for the area of the South Peninsula.

Jan 2014 -
Feb 2016

Wordpress Web

Director, Wordpress Developer, Hosting, Support, Management.

Web Design and Wordpress Development company providing Wordpress Websites, Applications, Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design.

Jan 2013 -
Dec 2013



Local Startup.

July 2011 -
Dec 2012


IT, Web and Remote Support, SQL, GIS Programming.

Tech Support, Maintenance, Data Management.

Tertiary Education

What I've' done in my academic career

2012 - Always

Numerous Online Certified Courses

ASP.NET, .NET CORE, SQL, C#, WEB API1/2 + MVC5, REST, NodeJS, Express, Typescript, PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Javascript, Angular, Bootstrap, Web Design, Basic SEO, HTML5, CSS3, ER Diagram Design, Wordpress, Blockchain.


Higher Certification Full-Stack Web Development


PHP, MySQL, Relational Database Management, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, WebSecurity, Mobile-1st RWD, Microdata, Laravel, UX.

2009 - 2011

Diploma in IT Networking (CompTia + Microsoft)

Varsity College Cape Town

Comptia, Microsoft, A+, N+, S+, 6 month real world network systems infrastructure design and implementation experience.


some projects I've worked on

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